Female drinking, environment and biological markers.

Titolo: Female drinking, environment and biological markers.
Autori: Mancinelli R, Binetti R, Ceccanti M.
Pubblicazione: 2006


The rate of women involved in alcohol abuse is rapidly increasing and the age of first use tends dramatically to decrease. The health and social costs are high both for the adverse effects on physical and psychological woman health, and for the teratogenic effect of alcohol on fetal development. The review takes in account physiological aspects of alcohol effects according to age and gender differences. Interaction between alcohol habit and environment are discussed together with the risk of co-exposure to alcohol and pollutants. The role of biomarkers may be invaluable for clinical utility, prevention and early intervention above all to avoid prenatal, not reversible damages. The update of alcohol studies shows the greater severity of alcohol damage in female and the need of gender-targeted intervention.


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